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Principles and Objectives of Rules Compliance

As an NCAA member institution, Old Dominion University must comply with all applicable rules and regulations of the NCAA and Conference partners in the conduct of its intercollegiate athletics program. We must monitor our program to assure compliance and to identify and report to the Association and/or the Conference instances in which compliance has not been achieved. In such instances, Old Dominion University shall cooperate fully with the Association and/or the Conference and shall take appropriate corrective actions. Members of our athletic department staff, student-athletes, other appropriate institutional personnel and individuals and groups representing the University's athletic interest all share in this important task.

It is each individual's responsibility to ask questions, make no assumptions and follow through on the compliance guidelines. The necessity of a positive, ethical and practical attitude toward compliance by everyone involved cannot be overemphasized. By accepting this responsibility, acknowledging your role in institutional compliance, and making yourself aware of the legislation, compliance with NCAA, conference and University regulations is assured.

The process of recruitment of prospective student-athletes is a critical compliance area. The Athletic Department is dependant on the coaching staff to follow the NCAA rules while recruiting on and off campus.

The prevention of infractions is clearly the primary objective of rules compliance. It is essential that the University exhibit evidence of institutional control and commitment. By utilizing a system for interpretations and thorough monitoring procedures, the University shall find itself in the best possible position for reporting inadvertent infractions. The self-reporting of any violation is recommended and encouraged and will aid the University in reporting such findings to the conference and/or NCAA.

Please contact the Old Dominion University Athletic Compliance Office with any questions and/or concerns:


Danielle Cohea
Senior Associate AD, Compliance, Conduct, & Regulatory Affairs 
(757) 683-6930 - phone
Malcolm Byrd-White
Director of Compliance - Rules and Governance  
(757) 683-6252 - phone
Aimee Clark
Associate Director for NIL and Rules Education   
(757) 683-6252 - phone