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L.R. Hill Sports Complex

On September 13th, 2008, Old Dominion University officially opened the L.R. Hill Sports Complex, a 58,000 square foot facility that serves as the home for the Old Dominion University football, field hockey and women's lacrosse programs. 

The complex houses the ODU football program, including coaches offices, meeting rooms, locker rooms and a recently renovated weight room. In 2017, ODU renovated the L.R. Hill Sports Complex and added a 17,000 square foot weight room, and turned the previous weight room into office space and a downstairs team room. The renovated weight room gave the sport performance coaches ample space to engage in working out the student-athletes. In addition to the main floor of the weight room, there is an addition 6,000 square foot second level with cardio equipment and space for agility drills.

The second floor of the building is where the Monarch football coaches reside, along with separate meeting space for the student-athletes. 

The football practice fields are behind the L.R. Hill Sports Complex, and feature a full length field, and a 60-yard field. Over the summer of 2019, new field turf was installed to simulate the brand new field turf that was also laid at Kornblau Field at S.B. Ballard Stadium.

One of the top field hockey/lacrosse facilities in the country, the first level houses a 3,000 square foot athletic training room, a players' lounge and locker rooms. The second level houses the coaches' offices and staff meeting rooms.

In its history, the L.R. Hill Sports Complex has played host to three NCAA Division I Field Hockey Championships (2012, 2013 and 2016), as well as the 2013 NCAA Division II and Division III Championships, and is scheduled to host the NCAA Division I Field Hockey Championships again in 2020.


A state-of-the-art facility that includes:

  • Offices, Academic Services, locker rooms, athletic training and strength training areas
  • A two-story terrazzo entrance lobby, that includes display areas
  • An outdoor second level balcony overlooking the field hockey/ lacrosse stadium that is suitable for entertaining
  • Over 17,000-square feet for strength training, that includes the latest in fitness and weight equipment
  • An over 3,000-square foot athletic training facility
  • Video editing/projection suites to assist coaches with player development and game strategy
  • An enclosed booster area overlooking the north end of the field
  • Two visitor locker rooms to provide the ability to host multi-team tournaments.

Field Hockey and Lacrosse stadium includes

  • 1,500 permanent seats, with room for an additional 1,500 temporary/expansion seats
  • Field Turf upgraded in 2019
  • The latest in technology for scoreboards, the press box and field lighting, concessions and restrooms,
  • Easy access and parking for field hockey and lacrosse games and athletic camps (Lot 43)
  • Ticket windows on site
  • The “big gun” watering system that is capable of adequately watering the entire field hockey/lacrosse field
  • A high-end Bose sound system.

Football Practice Fields-Two lighted field turf practice fields, including;

  • All field Turf that has been upgraded in 2019
  • One 100-yard practice field
  • One 60-yard practice field with a skills and drills area
  • A fully integrated sub-surface drainage system to ensure the football practice fields and the field hockey/lax game field can be played on immediately after rain storms.