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No. 29 ODU’s Four-Match Win-Streak Snapped by No. 25 UCF, 6-1

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Keith Lucas

Shahar Biran

NEW ORLEANS, La. - The No. 29 nationally ranked Old Dominion women's tennis team (8-2) had its four-match win-streak snapped by No. 25 UCF (7-3) by a 6-1 score on Friday afternoon at the City Park Tennis Center.  

"Today was tough," explained ODU head coach Dominic Manilla. "It's a tough feeling. Kudos to UCF for their performance today. I felt we had everything in place for a victory, but UCF just had too much game today. Despite the score, we actually put ourselves in a position to play for the win. It just didn't happen today. Sometimes that happens and it's ok, but we need to be 100% sure we crossed all our T's and dotted all of our I's. As a staff, we are going back through every detail and checking what we could have done better. Our players are doing the same."
The loss was the first for ODU since Jan. 25 to No. 2 nationally ranked North Carolina.
Old Dominion will take on Tulane (6-5) on Sunday, March 1 at 1:00 p.m. ET at the City Park Tennis Center in New Orleans, La. Tulane enters the weekend with a 6-2 record on its home courts. Mackenzie Clark is ranked No. 101 in singles for the Green Wave. 

"We are resilient, composed and excited for our next match against Tulane," concluded Manilla.

Tennis Match Results
Old Dominion vs UCF
Feb 28, 2020 at New Orleans, La.
(City Park Tennis Center)
#25 UCF 6, #29 Old Dominion 1
Singles competition
1. Evgeniya Levashova (UCF) def. #105 Yulia Starodubtseva (ODU) 7-6 (7-0), 6-3
2. #64 Valeriya Zeleva (UCF) def. Alesya Yakubovich (ODU) 6-2, 1-6, 6-4
3. Ksenia Kuznetsova (UCF) def. Alexandra Viktorovich (ODU) 6-2, 6-0
4. #70 Marie Mattel (UCF) def. Brooke Pilkington (ODU) 6-1, 6-3
5. Shahar Biran (ODU) def. Nandini Sharma (UCF) 6-4, 4-6, 6-3
6. Domenika Turkovic (UCF) def. Tatsiana Sasnouskaya (ODU) 6-4, 3-6, 6-2
Doubles competition
1. #29 Valeriya Zeleva/Ksenia Kuznetsova (UCF) vs. #10 Yulia Starodubtseva/Alesya Yakubovich (ODU) 3-3, unfinished
2. Evgeniya Levashova/Domenika Turkovic (UCF) def. Alexandra Viktorovich/Shahar Biran (ODU) 6-2
3. Marie Mattel/Nandini Sharma (UCF) def. Tatsiana Sasnouskaya/Brooke Pilkington (ODU) 6-2
Match Notes:
Old Dominion 8-1; National ranking #29
UCF 6-3; National ranking #25
Order of finish: Doubles (3,2); Singles (3,4,6,1,2,5)
Neutral site match