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Fall Camp Recap: Day Six


NORFOLK, Va. - Old Dominion University Football practice for the sixth time this fall camp and had its first scrimmage at Foreman Field at S.B. Ballard Stadium on Saturday night.

The defense came out strong recording a pair of three and outs before Ray Lawry ripped off a 30-yard run up the middle. Following the Lawry run the offense stalled when Aaron Young broke up a pass in the end zone.

On the next series David Washington connected with Jonathan Duhart for a 25-yard pass but Brandon Addison forced a fumble in the red zone that Tim Ward recovered for the defense.

Running back Josh Marriner added a 60-yard touchdown run for the offense while Washington hit Duhart for an 85-yard catch and run touchdown and Blake LaRussa found Kesean Strong in the end zone for a 40-yard strike.

True freshman linebacker Demetrius Stitmon secured an interception for the defense while Christian Byrum recovered a fumble.